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Data Cleaning Near the Source

High-quality data drives good business decisions, increase in revenue and saves cots. Cleaning of data is expensive, it may reach up to 40% of total project costs. Some organizations willingly leave out 20 or 30 percent of data in their analytics because bits are...

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Singapore Smart Nation Grows with Cloud Data Analytics

It is 6 am. Passengers of Singapore MRT train were motivated to board the train early morning to have free breakfast and discount for gym. What would data visualizations of such campaign look like? Sensors for air quality, traffic, health are blooming everywhere. We...

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6 Virtues of Kick-Ass Market Research Agency Data Project

What is the shortest way from raw data to report shared with happy customer? Is it that huge Excel wired trough VB script to data source uploaded to SharePoint? Not mentioning changes in formulas or visual design. There is a way how to iterate trough the project with...

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Consumer Goods Data Analytics Illuminated at AGFoods

Coffee, tea, frappe and you name it. Consumer packaged goods producer keeps it’s customers rocking since 1990 in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Czech and all over the Europe including Great Britain and Russia. In this Innovative Customer Highlights edition we...

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