3D Bar Chart

by BellaDati
for BellaDati 2.8 and newer

This extension takes advantage of the D3.js JavaScript library to create a 3D bar chart. This chart can be rotated, zoomed and moved around. Three-dimensional charts are very helpful when displaying data with two drill-downs (dimensions).

3D Bar Chart


Version Unlimited
Number of Users Unlimited*
Price Free

* limited to the number of users of the BellaDati license


Currently not available for download. For this extension to work correctly, a specific data set and report needs to be created. Please contact sales@belladati.com for information how to get and use this extension.


This chart displays values of one indicator sliced into multiple bars by two different dimensions. Thanks to the 3D model, it is possible to see all values in a well arranged way.
Demo is available on our Partners Portal – 2016 ML Credit Scoring.