eCall Operator Console

by BellaDati
for BellaDati 2.8.4 and newer

This extension is part of Bosch-BellaDati IoT Solution for Increasing Car Driver Safety (eCall), but it can also used as basis for different solution. The console displays list of all accidents with information about crash severity, time, location and driver. By clicking on the accident, even more details can be displayed:

  • Personal information about driver – name, age, gender, phone number;
  • Contacts – possibility to quickly contact relatives and family;
  • Position on map.

Operators can quickly call the driver on an ambulance, in case it is necessary. They can also see overview statistics of accidents and history.

eCall Operator Console


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Currently not available for download. Please contact for information how to get and use this extension.


This extension can be bundled as part of Bosch-BellaDati IoT Solution for Increasing Car Driver Safety (eCall), together with our Pay How You Drive mobile application.