BellaDati Clustering Package for Customer Segmentation Clusters

by BellaDati
for BellaDati 2.8 and newer

Customers in segments with similar behaviour. The package is flexible to select parameters, number of clusters and number of iterations using GUI interface. Normalization, clustering and denormalization is performed. Clusters are automatically visualized using normal and relative box plots with whiskers, 1st quartile, mean, median, 3rd quartile and also outliers for each segment.

Customer Segmentation Clusters


Version Unlimited
Number of Users Unlimited*
Requirements BellaDati Machine Learning Studio
license required
Price €600

*limited to the number of users of the BellaDati license


Currently not available for download. Please contact for information how to get and use this extension.


After purchase, you will receive the package. It can be simply installed by importing it into BellaDati ML Studio. Please check our documentation for more information.