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Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions

Our Plug-and-Play IoT Solution in the Cloud


BellaDati is proud to announce the release of the BellaDati IoT Cloud for the ready made unlimited exploration of real-time data from Cross Domain Development Kit XDK of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions. Our Plug-and-Play IoT Solution in the Cloud will provide you:

  • instant access to real-time values from XDK devices in the cloud,
  • interactive ready made sensor monitoring,
  • self-service agile analytics,
  • our advanced analytical services,
  • stable and powerful platform, including our BellaDati IoT Collector,
  • our professional services and support available on-demand,
  • predictive analytical functions available,
  • other devices can be connected on-demand,
  • alerts.

All bundled in one solution on few clicks. Join BellaDati cloud, flash your XDKs with BellaDati project and enjoy IoT real-time monitoring, analytics, alerts, predictions and prescriptions in your web browser, mobile or tablet.