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BellaDati Big Data Analytics Solution for Banking and Finance

From increasing revenue, profitability and expanding product portfolio to enhancing customer experience – these are everyday challenges for banking and finance industry. Plug in – and use it to create new products, services, and business models – with BellaDati Big Data Analytics solution for Banking. Our solution can help you extend and enrich your core business with data-driven intelligence inside the network and at the edge.

Explore our Big Data Analytics solution for Banking and Finance


Increase Revenue and Profitability

• Improve Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities
• Customer Churn Prevention
• Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce IT Cost


Expand Product Portfolio

• New Product Development based on social landscape and trends
• Targeted Campaign and Product Recommendation


Enhance Customer Experience

• Customer Intimacy with Holistic and Historic View of Each Customer
• Customer Satisfaction & Survey Management
• Effective, Accurate, and Timely Fraud Detection

BellaDati Big Data Solution – Key topics to address

Enrich strategic insights around the customer

  • Gain a 360° view of the customer relationship across finance, risk and marketing for key insights into the customer life cycle
  • Enable successful and informed business decisions with a comprehensive and complete data model designed specifically for financial institutions
  • Address customer segment information to grow deep insight into the behaviour of customers

Actively plan, manage, and track marketing investments

  • Drive efficiency and optimization through relevant marketing communications customized to customer segments leveraging pre-built cross-sell/up-sell scores along with channel and product propensity scores
  • Monitor marketing profitability across various customer segments and channels with campaign performance tracking
  • Understand customer trends and engagement across key focus areas including sales, balances, attrition wallet-share, spend diversity and product cross-holding analysis

Optimize customer communication and service

  • Enable operation efficiencies and optimal customer experience with a deep understanding of the multi-channel interactions of the customer and related profitability
  • Drive enhanced customer engagement with optimized investments in various communication channels
  • Leverage an industry specific, differentiated servicing and cross-sell strategy developed to cater to specific customer segments at every touch-point

BellaDati Probabilistic Credit Score Prediction

It is key factor for the financial institution to predict risks that are related to their loan portfolio to keep related losses at the required level. Another critical factor of success of the financial institution is to be able to predict what size of probable loss can be generated by the applicant, based on the information about the applicant. BellaDati Advanced IoT Framework performs probabilistic credit scoring for loan applicants using its machine learning studio.

Credit Score Prediction

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BellaDati Credit Scoring Webinar

Our Retail Banking Customer Analytics

Retail Banking Customer Analytics
  • Propensity Models: pre-built product and channel propensity of customers
  • Score lists to identify optimal segments/customers for treatment and track ROI
  • Predictive Models: cross-sell, up-sell scores, likelihood of purchase, customer lifetime value etc.
  • Marketing Effectiveness: campaign profitability and response tracking against plan and by key dimensions like customer segments, product etc.
  • Engagement Analysis: wallet-share, spend diversity, product cross-holding, attrition analysis etc.
  • Channel Effectiveness: over/under performing branches, marketing ROI, response analysis and CPAs across channels

BellaDati Banking Channel Analytics

  • Analyse customer touch-points across channels against key dimensions such as product and customer segments
  • Easily monitor and analyse operational metrics for each channel including ATM, branch, and internet banking to ensure high availability and satisfaction across channels
  • Analyse satisfaction survey results across critical dimensions such as customer, product, and line of business
  • Track service request trends to pro-actively design ways of customer delight through
BellaDati Banking Channel Analytics

Our Retail Banking Performance Analytics

BellaDati Retail Banking Performance Analytics
  • Risk summary: customer distribution across credit and delinquency bands and related exposures
  • Expense analysis across customer segments, products, channels to understand ROI
  • Revenue breakdown by reporting lines like interest, interchange, fee income etc; top performing segments and products across reporting lines
  • LOB specific analysis including customer distribution across age, income, profitability deciles, balance maturity

Our Institutional Banking Performance Analytics

  • Performance summary across LOB: portfolio mix, relationship depth, customer spread by Industry, exposures & commitments
  • Product specific analysis including customer distribution across Industry; balance maturity; asset-liability balances
  • New business analysis: win-loss summary, top performing relationship and account managers, pipeline deals and deal stage
  • Revenue analysis broken down by reporting lines like interest, credit costs and expenses
  • Expense analysis across categories including business development and client expenses
  • Customer profitability: Drill-down into individual customer summary and profitability; roll-ups across organization
BellaDati Institutional Banking Performance Analytics

Our Analytics Solution for Private Investment Banking

BellaDati Analytics Solution for Private Investment Banking
Our Wealth management system for investors and financial advisors is as an advanced investment advisory tool which incorporates financial planning, investment portfolio management and modelling option. It is used by banks and funds to provide their clients with enhanced visibility in their portfolio.

Our solution provides the high level of the real time visibility in current portfolio and in history and it provides comfortable what-if modelling.

Our Solution for Leasing and Rental

Our Advanced Analytics solution addresses all major areas for leasing and rental companies to increase the efficiency of  your business: operation, sales and marketing, finance. It provides KPIs, tables, drill-downs, charts, GEO maps and machine learning tools for predictions of customer credit scoring, customer segmentation, operational performance KPI, analytics for various leasing products, GEO analytics, cash flow and financial results overview with drill-downs.
BellaDati solution for Leasing and Rental

Our Analytics Solution for Life Insurances

BellaDati Analytics Solution for Life Insurances
Our Advanced Analytics solution helps life insurances to increase the efficiency of their business: operation, sales and marketing, finance. It provides KPIs, tables, drill-downs, charts, GEO maps and machine learning tools customer segmentation, operational performance KPI, analytics for various products, GEO analytics, cash flow and financial results overview with drill-downs as well as metrics to measure the efficiency of selling channels.

BellaDati Analytics and Sales Solution for Insurance Brokers and Agents

Our Sales and analytics solution for brokers and agents is the complete front to back end solution for sales for Android and desktop with complete analytics. The solution allows the assignment of leads to individual agents, information about leads to agents, comparison of finance products as the information for leads, measures the performance of agents and related costs.
BellaDati Analytics and Sales Solution for Insurance Brokers and Agents

BellaDati IoT Advanced Analytics for Customer Segmentation in Finance

BellaDati IoT Advanced Analytics for Customer Segmentation in Finance
Customer segmentation is the powerful tool for:

  • marketing
  • sales to increase sales from existing customers,
  • sales to acquire new customers,
  • customer service and care
  • many others.

Not all customers are the same, dividing customers in segments will improve your business efficiency, identify actionable insights for customers that are similar from business point of view.

BellaDati Advanced Analytics/ Platform will help you to segment customers to set up efficient marketing strategy to define for each customer segment to bundle the offer, at the right price, on the right place, with the right message. This message will be a function of what the customer needs but also their social demographics. You can take as many variables as long as the data is available and is relevant.

By increasing your understanding about what your customers are buying, you can also maximize opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling and to offer the same products or services for cross-selling and up-selling to customers from the same segment (cluster). Customer segmentation can help to built better customer service.