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BellaDati IoT Analytics Framework = fast deployment in your software, solution or mobile app

BellaDati IoT Advanced Analytics = easy to use by end users

From M2M, B2C and monitoring to machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics in days. We help you to grow your business.



Telematics Solution

Bosch sensor-based connected devices in the combination with Belladati IoT Advanced Analytics Platform offers some of the most innovative solutions in IoT sector.

Smart City Lighting System

Key enabler to build smart cities of tomorrow

The BellaDati IoT Advanced analytics platform delivers end-to-end functionalities and creates the technical and economic conditions for offering energy management applications to consumers, industries, and cities.

BellaDati IoT Cloud

Our Plug-and-Play IoT Solution in the Cloud

BellaDati is proud to announce the release of the BellaDati IoT Cloud for the ready made unlimited exploration of real-time data from Cross Domain Development Kit XDK of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions.